FUT 21 – Cheap Physical Defenders

FUT 21 – Cheap Physical Defenders

FUT 21 is an unforgiving experience for competitive match-ups, especially for those just starting out with the mode.

Still, if you are having trouble finding solutions to fill out those gaping holes at the back, these five players should definitely prove to be worthwhile investments, especially due to their reasonably priced values.

These defenders are able to brush off attacking players with ease, while being able to catch-up with runners behind the defences if required.

Interested? Read on:

  1. Julio Buffarini (Boca Juniors) – OVR 77

At 32 years old, Julio Buffarini is still keeping his younger opponents in check by being extremely fast and quick on his feet. His physical stats are also very respectable too.

  • Pace: 88
  • Physical: 83
  1. Christian Luyindama (Galatasaray) – OVR 76

At a height of 1.91 metres, Luyindama is certainly not a defender to be trifled with. His stature has also helped him keep plenty of forwards at bay throughout his career, while his pace is still decent for a player his size and physique.

  • Pace: 73
  • Physical: 85
  1. Ike Opara (Minnesota United) – OVR 75

Although not widely known across the world, Opara has been plying his trade in the United States ever since his first career appearance with Cary Clarets in 2008. Maintaining a great balance between Pace and Physical attributes, this underappreciated FUT player is certainly one to watch out for.

  • Pace: 84
  • Physical: 82
  1. Georgiy Dzhikiya (Spartak Moscow) – OVR 77

Dzhikiya is a Russian international who plays for both club and country. Evident by his 28 international call-ups for Russia throughout his professional career, his experience has helped him develop into a well-rounded player capable of catching players behind him as well as standing his ground during on-field tussles.

  • Pace: 82
  • Physical: 81
  1. Mario Hermoso Canseco (Atletico Madrid) – OVR 80

The youngest player on this list, Hermoso Canseco is not only good at pace and physicality but even better in defensive skills too! A proven player currently battling it out against the likes of Messi, Griezman and Benzema, he is definitely a player worth purchasing now before his value starts skyrocketing in the near future.

  • Pace: 75
  • Physical: 79
  • (Extra) Defense: 80

Utilize some of those FUT coins gathered from your previous hard-fought wins on some of these gems, and you’ll definitely feel the shift in your team’s on-pitch displays immediately.

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